Buyers Guide for the Waterfront Property

The beauty of a waterfront home is charming. Functional homes accompanied by the
stunning lake view and fresh breeze are a dream of many. However, buying one can be a
daunting and complex process.
Compared to other real estate property purchases, you need to be extra careful while
buying waterfront homes for sale in Sarnia-Lambton. We bring you the top five tips to
consider while exploring this real estate segment.

➢ Decide On the Purpose

Before you purchase waterfront homes for sale in Sarnia-Lambton, you must first
determine what purpose you want the property to serve.
• Will it be your primary home?
• Will you use it as an investment property and rent it out?
• Is it a part of your retirement plan?
• Will it be your vacation house?
Before you start exploring your options, find the answer to these questions. It will help you
identify whether the potential home has the required amenities.

➢ Hire an Expert

To explore the Sarnia-Lambton waterfront real estate listings, hire an expert real estate
agent. Remember, not every real estate agent will have the knowledge about the best
waterfront homes in your locality. Look out for professionals with experience in dealing with
customers interested in this real estate segment.

➢ Enquire about Water Level and Safety

When purchasing a waterfront property, inquire about:
• How is the optimum water level maintained?
• What is the expected rising level of the water?
• Is the water safe to swim in?
• Does anyone test the water for harmful pollutants?
• How are the residents informed if the water is unsafe?
Inquire about the general cleanliness and overall safety. Don’t forget to ask about your
responsibility and limitations as a homeowner.

➢ Don’t Overlook the Permit and License

When you purchase a waterfront property, you get access to the water. However, you might
need a permit or license to repair, build or remodel a structure that extends into the water.
Thus, before you sign the deal, check whether you will require a permit or license and how
you can get one.When coming up with the purchase price, add the permit and license cost to it.

➢ Inspect Comprehensively and Carefully

Needless to say, water is an attractive element of waterfront property. However, you can’t
overlook the fact that it can be hard on the building. Before you close the deal, we
recommend hiring a professional for a home inspection. It can help you find out:
• Water intruding into the basement due to the high water levels
• Corrosion on the exterior due to salt air
• Mold and mildew problems due to high moisture levels in the air
Water quality tests, survey elevated certificates, and other waters and land-based inspections
are necessary.

Wrapping Up

Buying a waterfront property is very different from purchasing any other property. There are
so many crucial factors involved. Hire an expert to make the right choice.